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We are producers, we are coders, we are friends and we are many. The anarchyCodeCollective is a network of friends of many professions that oftenly worked well together on different projects as freelancers. We’re photographers, texters, graphic designers, illustrators, UX-/UI-designers, project-owners, scrum-masters and coder ready for the next project. As coders we speak nearly every language like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, JAVA, mySQL, Swift, C und C++, Python and more...

SOLVED REWE, Rossmann, Telekom, T-Systems, Volkswagen, Johannes B. Kerner Stiftung, O2, Netcologne, StudiVZ ... and many more!

In general we speed up your projects. We‘re not a human resource division that mediates projects to freelancers or compares incomparable IT-Projects within thousands of individual solutions each. AnarchyCodeCollective is a cloud-service for digital development of any expertise with hundreds of years of experience. Available as a well-attuned team any time. We are self-organised and we pick up your team to guide in best practices and to coach different types of co-working if necessary. This saves money, time and is easy as pie for all.